Franciscan friars had a real knowledge of the medicinal properties of plants and were skilled at preparing potions and tonics, from longevity elixirs to poisons. The selection of medicinal plants in our garden reflects on this ancient practice. We have devoted significant attention to a contemporary rendering of the Franciscan healing tradition and delicately restored the monastery’s medicinal garden through a collaboration between architects and horticulturalists.


By Åsa Andersson

Emerging from the four elements of art, architecture, spirituality, and healing, along with deep local historical roots, the Sacred Garden is a contemplative pathway with nine stations. Designed for meditation and contemplation in an ecumenical spirit at energetically charged places, the pathway takes you on a soulful mini pilgrimage, a personal hero’s journey. Rooted in ancient Norse and Sami healing traditions, animism, and a belief that nature is spirited, it presents an invitation to connect with the deeper teachings of plant medicine and spirituality in the peaceful surroundings of the monastery complex. In the state of stillness, let yourself align with the magic of the place and its harmonious nature. Feel the restorative power carried by the garden by immersing your senses in the plants and minerals, preferably barefoot, for a more grounded effect according to the traditions of Saint Francis of Assisi.